Delicious Cheese Cake

Delicious Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake is one special dish that will be served to family and relatives. With a unique color and taste is good, so this one cake always eagerly awaited his presence. Buying a ready made cake is common, but it will be different if the cake is made by itself. Therefore do not worry because making a cake this one is not difficult. Recipe cheese cake itself is almost the same as other cake recipes.
Ingredients :

  •     400 grams of cream cheese
  •     200 grams of margarine
  •     200 grams of sugar
  •     120 grams of wheat flour
  •     80 grams of milk powder
  •     40 grams of cornstarch
  •     5 eggs
  •     1 tbsp emulsifier
  •     1 tsp salt

How to make :

1. First glue flour, cornstarch, milk powder and salt first. Then stir until blended, then set aside.
2. After that beat the cream cheese and margarine until smooth, then set aside. In different places beat the eggs, sugar and emulfisier until fluffy. Then enter the flour and cheese cream mixture, stirring until the dough mixed well.
3. Next pour the dough into a loaf dish that has been covered with bread and butter paper before. Then bake the dough into the oven with a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes or until the cake is slightly brownish.
4. Remove, chill and cut to taste.
5. Cheese cake is ready to be served.

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