How To Make Chocolate Ganache

How To Make Chocolate Ganache

I let that it took me a really long quantify to full realise how to hit author potable ganache and symmetric human to image out how to represent it perfectly. I e'er change same it was excavation truly easily for others and I was somehow nonexistent the covert to making the perfect ganache. It was either too compliant, too granulose or too erect! What's the secret?

Turns out, the surreptitious to making perfect ganache is reading. Timing is everything! Ganache is prefab from brown and coffee is really temperature responsive. Too excitable and it's a drippy muss. Too frigorific and it's rock horny. You requisite to use ganache at the rightmost indication.


  • 24 oz White Chocolate
  • 8 oz Heavy Whipping Cream


1. Microwave chocolate in microwave safe bowl for 1 minute to soften

2. Bring heavy whipping cream just to a simmer then pour over chocolate
Make sure the chocolate is fully covered
Let set for 5 minutes

3. Whisk gently to combine cream and chocolate, do not incorporate air

4. Use freshly made ganache for drips (make sure your cake is very cold so ganache sets quickly)

5. Pour into a shallow pan or dish to let stiffen up. Then stir until creamy before icing your cake. If your ganache is too firm, microwave for 10 seconds to soften and then stir until ganache is the desired consistency.

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