How To Make Ichigo Daifuku

How To Make Ichigo Daifuku

"Ichigo daifuku" is a traditional Japanese dish with a slightly different touch. There are strawberries inside "daifuku" or azuki red bean paste wrapped in soft white mochi. We will teach you an easy way to make "Ichigo Daifuku" by using a steamed pan or microwave oven.


  • 4 small strawberries
  • 40g sweet or sweet azuki red bean paste
  • (To make "ANKO")
  • 50g Shiratamako, or mochigome glutinous rice flour
  • (or 50g ordinary rice flour
  • 10g sugar
  • 70g or 70ml of water
  • potato flour

How To Make :
1. First, for mochi. Add shiratamako and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Pour half the water. 2. Stir and press the shiratamako granules, when they are mixed and smooth, put the remaining water and mix well. Pour water into a steamed pan and bring to a boil. Enter the mochi mixture that is still in the bowl into the steamer. 3. Place a clean sheet of cloth over the steam before closing. Steam over medium heat for 20 minutes. If using a microwave oven, heat it to 600W for 1 minute then remove the mixture, stirring with a wet spatula then heat again for one minute. 4. Mix the mochi evenly then place the mixture on a cutting board that has been sprinkled with potato flour. Using a knife that has also been covered with potato flour, cut the mixture into four equal parts and let it stand. 5. Clean and cut the strawberry leaves. Place 1/4 of the red bean paste on a plastic wrap and form it into strips about 2 centimeters wide, then wrap strawberries with the red bean paste. 6. Blend your hands with potato flour and the mochi shape into a 6 centimeter diameter slab. Put strawberries wrapped in red bean paste over mochi. Wrap mochi until it covers all parts of red bean and strawberry paste. Clean the remaining potato flour. Ichigo Daifukunya is ready.

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