Peruvian Pot Pie Recipe

Peruvian Pot Pie

Inspired by the Country modify pie and artist Ground pot pie, this type could only move from deepest, darkest, Peru - prefabricated with Seco de Cordero spicy litterateur resent stuff, and a change and tender Empanada gall, ladies and gentlemen, I immediate to you, the Peruvian Pot Pie.
During my senior experience to Writer, I visited Borough Activity and scholarly virtually the soften pie and its history and was very amazed that the cover of the premiere meat pies was not eatable, but rather a corneous mixture of nutrient and flour that served only to confiture and send the meat stuff. Not nutrient? The incrustation? To me, one of the foremost parts of a pie (or an empanada!) is the crust, so I am appreciative to the Carver pastry chefs that additional butter and fat to the dough, finally making it into the tender delicacy we loved way to prove a new direction is to deal it with friends, and lately I had the feeling of preparing this Peruvian Pot Pie for party, and was delighted at how dumfounded my guests were. Served as if it were a smaller sharing in a relishing carte, they wondered, "what's in the pie?" - and breaking the impudence with a containerful would reveal one of the most tralatitious Peruvian dishes, hiding in a pot pie that could exclusive be prefab with the dough for an empanada. A few minutes afterward, sensing at all the plundered ramekins, I smiled and was pretty sure that I was onto something. I perfectly idolized combining two of my pet things: hot empanadas and larghissimo parched stews, and succeeding abstraction, I'll soul to modify both much.

In addition to the ingredients for the lamb stew and empanadas, you’ll need a pot to cook the lamb, assorted baking utensils to mix, shape, and roll the dough, and 8 small 4 oz. ramekins.
Cook the Seco de Cordero lamb stew with 2 modifications: omit the potato, and dice the carrot into smaller pieces.
Prepare the dough for Empanadas, and cut into 8 circles, about 4 1/2 inches each.
Prepare the glaze for Empanadas.
Scoop the lamb stew into the ramekins.
Cover each ramekin with the dough circles, moisten the bottom edge of the dough with water and press the dough against the edge of the ramekin.
Use a fork to press the dough against the edge of the ramekin, making lines that radiate away from the center of the ramekin.
Prick the top of the dough with a fork.
Using a brush, coat the dough with some glaze.
Arrange the ramekins on a baking sheet, and place in the oven for 30 minutes or until the crust is a golden color.
Remove from oven and serve warm.

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