It’s formally summer! The pool is open, the children are out of faculty, and i’ve had my first summer cookout. Of path, I made sliders and brats and all varieties of good stuff, but I suppose it’s secure to say that this Frozen Watermelon Bellini became the celebrity of the birthday party. This delicious frozen cocktail is icy and bubbly, and it tastes just like summer ought to.


Frozen Watermelon Bellini | This mild and delicious summer season cocktail recipe is going to position the fun lower back into your summer season! This frozen watermelon Bellini recipe is a summer birthday party drink recipe that everyone will love. If you want watermelon recipes you’re going to love this clean Frozen Watermelon combined drink!

traditionally, a Bellini is made with Prosecco glowing wine and peach puree, but I desired to make my Bellini taste like a sip of summer, and to me, that taste is watermelon. at some stage in the summer you’ll always find a watermelon on my counter, ready to be cut into. there's just some thing approximately that juicy fruit that i can’t face up to. So, before the celebration, I took a sparkling, juicy watermelon, sliced it up, and positioned the portions in the freezer. even as the watermelon slices iced over, I additionally positioned a bottle of Riondo Prosecco in the refrigerator to relax.



  • 5 oz Watermelon (remove rind)
  • 2-3 Tbsp Water (optional)
  • 3 oz Riondo Prosecco
  • Mint or Basil for garnish (optional)


  1. Slice watermelon and vicinity in freezer for four hours to freeze. 
  2. cast off frozen watermelon from freezer and vicinity in a blender. Puree (you can upload 2-three tablespoons of water to help the blender alongside in case you want to).
  3. Pour watermelon slush into glass.
  4. Pour Riondo Prosecco over the watermelon slush stirring lightly to combine.
  5. upload mint or basil for garnish. (non-compulsory)

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