It's been some time for the reason that I made a cake, so it turned into high time I got my mixer out and got here up with some other wholesome dessert recipe. considered one of my big pregnancy cravings appears to have been blueberry truffles, so I took that as my idea and created this delicious healthful Lemon & Blueberry Yogurt Cake, which isn't simplest packed full of anti-oxidants however is also healthful and Slimming world friendly besides. 


I’ll put it out there at once that this isn't a syn free recipe for the ones following Slimming international, however, i have crafted it to be ideally fitted to the plan. The cake serves 8 human beings, and while reduce into 8 the syn values training session as follows: 

this means that you could have one slice of this cake for under five syns if you count number it as half of of your healthful extra B alternative at the plan. If you'll opt to save your HexB choice in complete for some thing else, you would sincerely want to add any other three syns in keeping with slice  making it 7.five syns consistent with slice. in my opinion, i love to cut up my healthy extra alternatives, giving myself more variety in the course of the day, and this cake makes the best mid-afternoon treat to get your strength ranges up, or to serve with tea when buddies arrive.



  • 150g Self Raising Flour
  • 140g Porridge Oats
  • 2x Lemons
  • 200g Fresh Sweet Blueberries (split into three portions)
  • 5tbsp Granulated Sweetener (Slimming World friendly)
  • OR 5tbsp Natural Honey (not Slimming World friendly)
  • 350mls St Helen's Farm Fat Free Goats Milk Yogurt
  • 2x Medium Eggs
  • 1tbsp Sunflower Oil


  • 2tsp Lemon Juice (retained from original lemons)
  • 4tsp Icing Sugar/Sweetener Icing Sugar


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 ranges Celsius.
  2. the usage of a peeler, peel small curls of lemon rind from one of the lemons. Set aside to garnish the cake with later.
  3. In a blender, blitz half of the porridge oats until they may be a first-rate powder.
  4. In a mixing bowl, or the bowl of your stand mix, combine the combined oats together with the sweetener (if the usage of), flour and the relaxation of the oats, retaining returned one teaspoon of flour to coat the cake tin.
  5. upload the eggs, yogurt, sunflower oil lemon juice and zest of the final lemon. in case you are topping with a drizzle, hold two teaspoons of lemon juice for later.
  6. in case you are the usage of honey in preference to sweetener then upload the honey at this factor too.
  7. mixture until clean after which add 1/three of the blueberries. mix collectively with a spatula.
  8. place a saucepan over a low heat and add the second one part of blueberries, with more than one teaspoons of water. prepare dinner till reduced to a jam-like consistency.
  9. Greace your cake tin, or use a twig oil, and upload the teaspoon of flour the use of it to coat the tin.
  10. Layer half of your cake batter into the cake tin, after which spoon the blueberry jam in the centre, topping with the second half of the cake blend - ensuring that the jam is absolutely included. top with the remaining blueberries.
  11. Bake for 35 mins or till the sides begin coming away from the facet of the tin and a skewer comes out nearly smooth. due to the gooey centre, the skewer will likely have blueberry residue even when the cake is cooked.
  12. permit to cool for 10 mins and then tip out onto a cooling rack and allow to cool absolutely.
  13. top with the lemon curls. if you are including a drizzle then blend together the ultimate lemon juice and the icing sugar, drizzle over the cake.

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